Stephanie Sánchez–

Professional Hairstylist, & Content Writer

Stephanie, native to Florida, USA, in her 25-yr career as a Licensed Professional Hairstylist, has specialized in Chemical Processing and Curly Haircutting.

While working for Aubrey Organics, her journey and passion for “natural hair care” began. Not long ago, as a Hair Coach for Kerotin Haircare, she was immersed in the exciting yet challenging question of hair loss and regrowth.

Also, she is appreciative of the knowledge she gained from experienced hairdressers while living abroad in the Dominican Republic.

Stephanie became a published writer of poetry at the age of 10 and last year had the privilege of collaborating on another web page.

She is enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge; Stephanie is a true educator at heart.

She has an immense love of meeting new people and exchanging ideas. She desires to inform, teach, and impart resources for the improvement of all.

Why did I start this blog?

The simple answer: To work on my own terms.

I’ve done a variety of different jobs throughout the years, to supplement my income or to make ends meet.

Four years ago, after my second knee surgery, I decided to find a less physically taxing job. Life is strange because I only thought of using my customer service experience to work online. But as it turned out, one job led to another, and here I am sitting before you, telling you about my life.

Who knew that I could use my skills a Professional Hairdresser to help you with your questions?