8 Best Online Continuing Education Courses for Cosmetology 2022

When my license is about to expire every two years, I must review what the Best Online Continuing Education course is for Cosmetology. “Do I stick with the same CE course as last time, or is there something better out there?” (a question all consumers ask). 

In the past, I usually choose whoever sends the renewal announcement first.

I also look for online continuing education courses that offer the best prices to cover the minimum requirements for keeping my license active.

Before we had online courses, we had to go to a physical location to hear lectures on AIDS/HIV and then find separate elective courses. One time I had to drive an hour away for that.

This year because of lingering COVID and my limited time, I didn’t want to sit in a classroom with 20+ other people.

Some FAQs about online CE courses are:

  • Are these CE legitimate courses?
  • How many hours do I need?
  • How much does CE cost?
  • Are there any free CE courses?

This article will answer those questions and compare continuing education courses to see what you get for your money.

Are these Legitimate State Board Approved CE courses?

Yes, the CE courses that are State Board Compliant have a provider number and registration for the approved states. 

Some states don’t have approved online CE courses because they don’t require CE. 

Find out your state CE requirements to see if the online CE course is compliant with the minimum standard. 

I have never had a problem with online CE courses for my state. 

Even if you don’t live where CE is required, it’s still a good idea to keep up-to-date on the latest scientific information and review salon sanitation and disinfection practices for public health and safety.

YYou’llget a certificate at the end of your CE course that you can display to build trust and professionalism with your clients.

How many hours do I need?

Every state is different, and rules often change regularly. Some states do not currently require Continuing Education with every license renewal. But still, recommend that you keep up with changes.

I hold a License in the State of Florida.

The Hourly Requirement for Florida has dropped from 16 to 10 hours. However, if you just got your license, the CE is a less extensive 4-hr HIV course. 

Florida CE Requirements are:

Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Electrologists

10 Total Hours of Continuing Education: 1 Hour HIV/AIDS + 3 Hours Infection Control + 0.5 Hour OSHA + 0.5 Hour Workmans Comp laws + 2 hours State & Federal Laws Governing Cosmetology + 1 Hour Chemical Makeup + 1 Hour Environmental Issues + 1 Hour Elective

8 Best Online CE Courses for Cosmetology and Barbering

  1. Elite CME(English/Spanish languages)
    • Use promo code WELCOMETOELITE for $5 off.
    • The only course currently offering more than the English language
    • Free Sanitation Course is avalible.
    • Specialized Nail Tech and Esthetician courses offered
    • They offer printed study material and a printed certification for an additional fee.
  1. Paragon CET
    • Barbering and specialized Nail Tech and Esthetician courses are offered depending on your state.
    • Spanish Language was previously offered but was recently eliminated.
    1. Renew Cosmetology
      • This company sent me a notice for the first time in 2020, so they became the reason I am writing this article. Thanks, Guys
      • They offer 4, 10 or 16-hour courses.
    1. Milady Pro (Most Expensive, Best Technical refresher)
      • This CE is not a complete course; it is ala cart (so make sure you fulfill your state requirements), And all online courses are in English.
      • CE courses for Beauty Instructors/Educators offered
      • You can also buy the latest textbooks in English, Spanish and Vietnamese languages.
    1. Continuing Cosmetology (includes the most number of states
      • This CE is not a complete course for some states; it can be ala cart (so make sure you fulfill your state requirements)
      • CE courses for Beauty Instructors/Educators are offered for some states.
    1. Beauty Bliss CE (Cheapest – Florida Only) This year, I was a little disappointed with the module on Florida Law. The information was not printed in the course material. Only a non-working link was provided to investigate the answers. So I had to give my best guess and answer from memory.
    1. Florida Online Cosmetology (Florida only)
      • Vietnamese Language was previously offered but was recently eliminated.
    2. Florida Cosmetology Educators Online (Florida only – Same Day Reporting) If you are in a pinch and need to renew your license fast, they got you covered.

    State ApprovedEliteCMEParagon CETMilady ProContinuingRenewBeauty BlissFL OnlineFLCEO
    New Mexicox
    N Carolinaxxxxx
    Washington DCx
    W Virginiaxxxx
    Reporting1- dayDaily24 hoursdailySame Day
    DownloadableAfter purchaseYesYesNo-FailYesNo-FailYes

    Why would you choose one CE course over another?

    It all depends on why you need continuing education.

    In some states, CE is not required; I would still recommend getting the COVID or Sanitation certificate many companies offer.

    The COVID certificate is a short and inexpensive course. And a good refresher on safe work practices and hygiene.

    Some companies offer online CE courses in other languages, like Spanish and Vietnamese

    Milady Pro and Continuing Cosmetology offer CE for instructors of Cosmetology and Barbering.

    Are there any free CE courses?

    Barbicide offers a quick free course with a certificate. 

    Elite CME has a free sanitation video for COVID-19.

    *These are NOT state-approved Continuing Education courses. However, it’s a perfect refresher course in acceptable hygiene practices.

    In Summary

    Choose your CE based on your needs and circumstances. 

    This year,  time and money were my main concerns. So I chose a downloadable online course that I could read while in bed. The next day, I quickly took the multiple-choice online test, and I got my certificate right away.

    Essentially I find online CE courses similar, except for Milady Pro. Some have a more comfortable reading format that makes learning easier.

    **As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.


    2 thoughts on “8 Best Online Continuing Education Courses for Cosmetology 2022

    1. Just so others know…Florida Online Cosmology has a 30 day turn over for reporting to DBPR! I wasted time doing the whole course only to find this out at the end of completion. They claim u can renew Fast right on the front page! False.


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